Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our First House (Dining Room)

Welcome next project was the dining room. This one took a little longer than anticipated but I have to say I love the result! I have more wall space in the dining room than in the kitchen so I was able to hang more stuff! As you may know, I LOVE old architectural pieces which you will find through out our dining room. I had fun working with an all neutral color pallet and even though everything is neutral, by layering different objects and shades it makes for a really strong impact.

The before...

The after...

I painted and changed out the light fixture which warmed up the room. For the paint I did a two tone effect on the walls, the chair rail made a nice divider, I painted the top portion a solid camel color and the bottom portion I did a faux finish using the rag rolling technique. I hung an old kitchen cabinet on the wall and used it to display all of our "pretty" dishes.

I love, love, love architectural pieces...I found an awesome old pair of windows and some beautiful corbels that came from a Victorian mansion. These made a great wall display! For the shelf, I took a piece of heavy duty plywood and painted it to look similar to the corbels. I wanted it to look aged so I distressed it a little. It was wood and paint I already had so it was a free project. Yay!

Centerpiece and displays...

I used a collection of objects to make my table centerpiece...some vintage pieces like the box and the shoe form...and some large candles and fresh flowers that I put in an old mason jar. I already had these objects in my house, I just played with different items and arrangements before I chose this collaboration.


Another view of these amazing corbels!

Thanks for checking out my dining room. I will be working on the living room for the next blog so check back soon!

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